Hall of Fame


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     To honor those individuals who have made a considerable contribution tothe game of basketball in the State of Oklahoma.




  1. Must have been a head coach at the varsity level.
  2. Must have a combination head or assistant experience of at least 10 years.
  3. Must be retired.
  4. Must have made a contribution to the game of basketball in the State of Oklahoma.




    First year induct 20 coaches with at least 10 living.  The next five yearsInduct 10 annually.  Then impose a limit of no more than 5 per year.




    Any member of the OBCA may nominate an individual who meets thecriteria.  Nominations must be turned in no later than the Friday of the OCA summer clinic.  The voting will take place during the OBCA fall clinic.  The results will be made public after the tabulations are finalized.

    The coaches elected will be honored at the OBCA All-Star weekend.


Voting Delegates


    The voting members will be comprised of the current board, along withPast Presidents, and past Executive Directors. 



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