OBCA Asst. / JH Coach of the Year Awards


Reg. 1 JH- Marcus Cooper-Simpson     HS Ast. Chris Combs Kingfisher

Reg. 2 JH- Jeff Garner Mannford      HS Ast. Michael Arnold Cleveland

Reg. 3 JH- John Treat Vinita        HS Ast. Greg Pate Claremore

Reg. 4 JH- Ryan Donaldson Carnegie      HS Ast.brent Bogart Mangum

Reg. 5 JH- Dumas Butler Blanchard      HS Ast.Jeff Walker Marlow

Reg. 6 JH- Reed Johnson Dale        HS Ast.Brad Brister Silo

Reg. 7 JH- Nate West Tulsa Memorial      HS Ast. Bobby Brummett Riverfield Country Day School

Reg. 8 JH- Quincy Dockins Del City      HS Ast. Trevor Davis OCS

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