0305281545501ss0603bballgoalhoriz_copy_tI would like to start out by thanking everyone for your nomination and election to the position of OBCA President this past Fall at our clinic. It has been a great experience over the past 10 years serving on the board and getting to know so many of our members that I wouldn’t have gotten to, if not for my involvement at that level with our organization. The regular season is quickly coming to an end for all of us and what a fast season it has been. I hope you’ve had successful seasons and that as the playoffs are quickly approaching that you have everyone healthy and are getting re-energized as we all start back with records of 0-0. Regardless of the season that you’ve had according to your record and regardless of how far you make it in the playoffs, I’d like to personally thank each of you for the hard work you put in throughout the season and for the influence that you are on the young men that you coach. More often than not today, we are assuming the roles of parents and counselors to our kids just as much as we are coaches to them if not more so. It is a questionable time in our country with a presidential change quickly approaching, a difficult time in our state with all of the financial cuts looming out there for education & with the possibility of school closures and a difficult time in each town & school as parenting as a whole seems to be less and less with the students we teach and coach. I’d just like to encourage each of you to keep your heads up and remember why we joined the profession and continue being positive mentors for the young men that we have the opportunity to coach. It’s our job to push them, challenge them and inspire them to set and reach high goals for their lives and to dream big! And if they fail, to get back up and go again and continue striving to achieve whatever it is they hope to achieve both on the court and in life! Best of luck to each of you in the playoffs and I will look forward to seeing you at the state tournament! God Bless!

Darrick Farriell

OBCA President

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