Coach Tondrell Durham: McGuinness HS

First of all, I would like to thank the membership of the OBCA for allowing me the opportunity to become president. In addition, I would like to thank David Day for his work and time as the out-going OBCA president. October 1st is around the corner and we all have basketball things going through our basketball minds. I always create a basketball check-list for myself that I try to use going into October 1st.

1. What do I want to accomplish on October 1st?
2. Do I have enough players in the gym to accomplish those things?
3. What drills are important for the first day of practice?
4. Freshman: Non-football players: How much do I give them?
5. Conditioning: What’s enough for the 1st day of practice?

Good luck this season to all the members of the OBCA. If you know of a coach that is not an OBCA member, please speak with that individual because the
OBCA deserves to have every head coach and assistant included in its membership.

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