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First off, I’d like to thank David Day for serving OBCA for the last year as our President under his direction among others including the OKC Thunder, the OBCA continues to grow. I’d also like to thank Tundrell Durham for taking over the Presidency and look forward to the next year. Also Mark Wilson for all the work he does behind the scene every year. Lastly I’d to thank the members of Region 2 for letting me serve them for the next 2 years, I truly look forward to the challenge.

As the season grows closer to tipping off, I grow more excited everyday. I go to bed thinking about basketball and I wake up thinking about basketball. I must also find what motivates me. Was it something that took place last year? Was it something that I experienced over the Summer? Is it something that didn’t happen, that I so badly wanted to? Find those things that keeps you motivated to win games, find those things that keep you being a positive influence on the boys that you coach, that helps them grown from adolescence to adulthood.

Here are few things that I find true about most successful coaches on and off the court.

Great coaches:

1) Care about players

2) Earn players respect

3) Adapt system to fit players

4) Criticize w/o discouraging

5) Teach the game!

Once again, thank you for letting me serve the OBCA. If there is anything I can do to help anyone, I will. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Cell 918-760-5908 or

Daniel Brimmer

Region 2 Representative

Cleveland High School

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