Summer General Business Meeting At OCA Summer Clinic

We have two very important agenda items at the General Business Meeting. Decisions will be made on both issues so if you want input make the effort to attend. The General Business Meeting is Wednesday, July 31, at 3:00 in the Marriott Council Oak Salon C & D.

The first item is a proposed change to the All-State selection process. The changes will be discussed and if approved by the members in attendance will take effect for the upcoming season.

The second item involves the OSSAA and OkRankings. As most of you know OkRankings will no longer be involved with the OSSAA in the ranking process for playoff seeding purposes. The process will take place within the OSSAA office. We have been asked by them to consult with the Girls basketball coaches and give input on how we want the system to work. The OSSAA will have access to the same type of program that OkRankings used. They have asked for input so we need to come up with some suggestions that the boys and girls coaches can agree with in order for the system to work for best for basketball.

Both of these issues effect every basketball coach, small and large school alike. The only way to make sure your voice is heard is to attend the meeting. There are about 500 head boys basketball coaches in the state and we need to have more input in order to make informed, educated decisions about important topics such as these. Do your best to make it to the meeting and help with the decisions that need to be made.

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