old ball

The 2009 OBCA Hall of Fame

Truman Dixon

George Hauser

Richard Megli

Gene Robbins

Don Sumner

One Response to “2009 OBCA HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES”

  1. Leroy Gardner Says:

    I had the pleasure of playing for coach Hauser at Bacone College. He was a great coach (and great man) who had a lifetime positive impact on my life. I remember that occasionally he would experience back pain, but he never complained and he never, ever failed to give young student-athelets what they deserve from a leader.

    The addition of coach Hauser to the OBCA demonstrates that “you can really pick em”.

    If this message can be shared with coach Hauser, please do so. Let him know that after all of these years, one of his players still respects and looks up to him with great fondness. He is a credit to the game of basketball, and to the broader institution of sports.

    Leroy Gardner
    Bacone Warriors – 1967 – 69

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