0305281545501ss0603bballgoalhoriz_copy_tAs I write this the weather is wreaking havoc upon the basketball season once again with an ice storm that has covered almost the entire state.  On the positive side, I hope that it gives you a chance to catch your breath as the season comes to a fast and furious finish with the upcoming playoffs.  Try to enjoy this short break from all the bus trips, practices and games and spend some time with family as we are all very busy at this time of year. 

Speaking of the upcoming playoffs, it is very important that you continue to submit your rankings each week.  The guys at OK RANKINGS have done a great job with the site and they continue to make it better.  As I have stated earlier, I think we have a good system in place and we must do our part to make it work, so be sure to log on each weekend and submit your rankings. 

As the end of the season approaches do not forget to get on the OBCA web site and download the award forms. We would like to honor as many student/athletes and people from the community that support the game of basketball as possible.  We have a great game and a number of people that support it, so lets be sure to get those forms in so that the many supporters of Oklahoma basketball can be honored.  If you have any questions about the award forms, contact your district representatives or myself and we will be happy to help out. 

As the playoffs approach quickly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each team the best of luck.  Each year the drama that unfolds during this time of year only adds to the mystique of Oklahoma basketball.  This is the time of year that legends are made in this great game that we have the privilege of being a part of.  Once again, good luck to all teams and may all your team’s shots be true. 

Alan Hibler

OBCA President

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