Summer Basketball for Dummies in Oklahoma – Summer 2015

 A Big Thank You to Coach John Hardaway, Cashion HS for putting this together.


  • Can’t start until Spring Semester is over, and must be done by July 15.


  • Individual Camp:
    • Individual skills only
    • No organized team play


  • Team Camp
    • Limit of 2 Team Camps
    • Min of 3 schools participating
    • A team camp can’t exceed more than seven days
    • Participating as a team during instruction, scrimmages, and games


  • Summer League
    • No leagues limit, but a league must be over the course of a min of 3 consecutive weeks
    • Min of 3 teams participating
    • Standings must be kept


  • Tournament
    • Limit of 2 Tournaments
    • A tournament can’t be more than 3 consecutive days
    • Min of 6 teams participating

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